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We'll launch you to the top!

Digital Marketing Adelaide

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing capitalise on Analytics reports to plan advertising campaigns on whatever online platform provides the best value of return.

Google Adwords

Take the guesswork out of your marketing and get your business found. Let us show you how to reach out to your target audience today.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a great way to build effective relationships with your customers and make new connections.

SEO Adelaide

Search engine optimisation should be an early consideration. After all, why invest in a new website if your audience have trouble finding it?

Need more customers?

What’s the point in having a great idea if nobody knows about it? A product’s success is no longer judged by its quality alone, but also by the ease with which it can be found online.

Being positioned on Google & Co‘s first few pages can dramatically increase turnover and profit. We’ll help you reach your full potential with a professional marketing strategy.

For many businesses the key to successful digital marketing today includes the integration of several  tactics, the tough part is knowing how to harness today’s opportunities and make them work best for you.

At Eighty8Design we can show you how to select the right opportunities by creating a digital strategy specifically for your business, for success in both the short and long term. Call us  today so we can discuss your needs.

get your free digital audit today

Normally valued at $399, get a 12 page website digital performance audit for free until the end of the August. Includes a full analysis of your on-page SEO | keywords | links | responsiveness | usability | structure | social engagement | visitor profiles | content quality, and more. Find out how well your site is optimised, and what steps are needed to improve the results, driving you more recognition from both Google and your customers.


Since 2013 Google’s policy is to keep making changes to prevent people from rigging the system. Tactics that worked several years ago are not as effective today as new strategies emerge. But, SEO is still an essential tool, and ranking in Google organic searches is a vital goal for any business.

SEO is about gaining recognition from Google that your website is important. But SEO is not one thing, it is a range of metrix that google monitors to determine your value to their audience. There are no short cuts to good SEO. Good SEO practices drive the right type of people to your website, and good SEO is more effective for longer.

At Eighty8Design, we guarantee we will increase your Google ranking every month or we work for you free until we achieve that for you. We don’t waist time with promises, we focus on the results and offer our expertise risk free.

2) Pay per click (PPC)

PPC advertising is the single fastest way to promote your business online, and to ensure you are reaching your target audience. PPC can grow your leads fast, and when combined with a landing page optimised for conversion, the results can drive sale performance into new territory.

Google Adwords takes the guesswork out of your marketing and get your business found. Facebook ads give you access to the largest social community in existence. Both platforms have advantages to the right business. Let our team show you how to reach out to your target audience today.


Social Media is the new word-of-mouth, and one of the most meaningful ways of building relationships with your clients. These days websites are only the starting point for a successful web presence – if you want to get noticed, you need to go where the users are.

An worthwhile starting point for any business establishing an online brand is to have a Facebook Business Page. By integrating your website content and blog into your Facebook Business Page you will be placing 17 million Australians within your reach.

Talk to us to day about building your business a Facebook Business Page, or even a complete social strategy. The opportunities in social media are endless, and it is a great area passionate business owners to add value to their business without needing technical know-how.

What does your business need?

There are many paths to success, but which one is optimal? Contact us today to discuss your needs. Our marketing gurus will analyse your websites performance, and develop a marketing plan to help you succeed in the digital domain.