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Should you use Local Business Listings?

by | Mar 20, 2017

Local business listing can be a good way for new businesses to gain exposure to people looking for services in their area.

Many local listing sites offer a free listing service, and these can be good opportunities to promote your new business and website. However, not all local listing sites are helpful. Some of these site are set up purely for the purpose of creating backlinks, and these sites are ranked poorly by Google for these practices. Associating with sites like these can have a detrimental impact on your own website’s Google ranking.

The way to get the best result out of local listing sites is to only use a few of them, basically just the most popular ones. These are the ones you are confident to be associated with. Some suggestions include (not necessarily in order):

Google Maps – 
Apple maps – 
Bing Places –
Yellow Pages –
True Local – 
Yelp –
Hotfrog –
Startlocal –

I’m sure there are several other reputable listing sites, but the benefit of linking to less popular sites drops off rapidly. My advice – keep it to 10 or less listing sites and you will reduce the chances of linking to the wrong place. Well worth doing that first 10 though.Good luck!


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