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What is Pay Per Click?

by | Jun 28, 2017

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an online marketing tool that uses targeted information to direct traffic to your website. PPC advertisers bid in targeted user segments for for carefully selected keywords and phrases. Search engines like Google and Facebook allow businesses to buy search listings base on this type of targeted information.

In essence, PPCs a way to buy visitor to your site rather than earning organically.

When done correctly, and your targeted customers search for one of your selected keywords, you will list in the search engine. If they click on your advertisement you pay. When done correctly target customers are funnelled directly into the business at what ever rate is most economical.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is alternatively referred to as ‘keyword advertising’ due to the critical role played in it by keywords.

Who is PPC effective for?

PPC works effectively for direct response marketers who message customers directly with call-to-action responses. Online shopping portals, news portals, jobs site, vehicle hire, loans, software tools and information selling portals like travel & tourism, all utilise direct marketing strategy and need PPC.

Another important application of PPC is for new and establishing businesses trying to build their brand reputation. PPC is a direct method for getting on the front page of Google almost instantly without having to spend years of hard work getting google to recognise your businesses worth organically.

How does it work?

Search engines like Google set aside space for PPC advertisements and give that space to the highest bidder to target the search. Although the concept may sound simple the application takes quite a lot of know-how and time.

Search engines reward advertisers with more traffic (reduced cost per click) if they create relevant ads and chose their keywords selectively. Keyword selection is implemented as a feedback process using analytics tools to optimise the targeted information over time, as users and results feed into your website.

PPC Benefits

  • PPC directly attracts your target customers to your website
  • PPC gives fast result generating leads almost immediately
  • With PPC businesses can target customers segments, locations, and more to ensure they spend their advertising budget on only the righty audience.
  • With PPC you can control your advertising budget and set a maximum limit for bids / days / months etc.
  • Especially relevant for businesses looking to reach out to their local audience.

PPC Tips

For a higher return on investments for PPC advertising should include these solution strategies.

  1. Use separate keywords for search engine network placements and content ad placements
  2. Track your ROI by connecting with Google analytics to see how many leads are turning into sales.
  3. Bid on appropriate keyword phrases which are crucial for your business advertising. Set up your advertisement on PPC platforms which allow testing different keyword ads and notifies which get maximum leads.

Many business need smart advertising solutions, and discovering how to reach your ideal consumers is a powerful proposition. Effective PPC management requires an in-depth understanding of systems, users and businesses, but allow businesses to tap into precise information about their audience and how to convert them to customers


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