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Websites built to influence

We build experiences that are easy to navigate, communicate clearly with customers, and further develop your business brand. We keep up with the latest in web design technology to deliver fast, clean and modern websites that ensure your business makes a great impression every time. Each website we create is custom-built and designed specifically for your business.

Our sites are designed to meet your needs – whether it’s a few simple pages introducing your business, or a fully functioning e-commerce site – we can help you connect with your audience.

Your Unique Brand

We build elegant websites that capture your business identity and present a strong image of your brand to the community.

Mobile Ready

All of our websites are mobile-ready to ensure your customers can find you no matter where they are.

Search Optimised

We use the latest Google search optimisation techniques to ensure your site maximises its ranking from day one.

Accessible & Intuitive

We build smart websites that get attention by offering engaging experiences and easy access to information.

If you want to maximise business leads then the website design needs to be tailored to suit your goals. What do you need from your website? We can work with you to create the best site for your business; one that will help you capture the attention and trust of your target customer.

MOBILE Responsive

Responsive web design delivers a consistent experience across devices, which helps to keep branding consistent and ensures your customers can reach you on any platform. From desktop to laptop to tablet to phone, a responsive website adjusts (responds) to screen size that it’s being viewed on.

Responsive web design makes having a separate mobile site obsolete, and provides better SEO results since the web traffic is not split between the two sites. Most importantly, building a responsive website improves your business’s SEO immensely, since Google now favourably ranks sites that are mobile-responsive ready.

At Eighty8Design we recognise that responsive web design is more than just a trend, it’s a strategy that supports the direction that online searches are moving, towards mobile search.

Website performance audit

Have your current website reviewed and its performance verified. We offer a detailed report auditing everything from your on page-SEO to your vistor profiles. Find out how well your websites potential is being maximised.

landing page optimisation

If your running a digital marketing campaign and sending traffic to your homepage your may be wasting your money. Is your homepage set up to guide your customers towards a sale, or does it have to serve a practical purpose? A stand alone landing page can guide new customers towards the desire action on your site.

If you want to maximise business leads, then the website design needs to be tailored to suit your goals. What do you need from your website? We can work with you to create the best site for your business; one that will help you capture the attention and trust of your target customer.

Your identity

more than just a logo?

A business’s brand can be as important as the quality of service it provides. If a company lacks a cohesive and attractive brand it may fail to attract new customers. Brand is your business distilled down to an image, a slogan, or word. Together they should be simple, attractive, and memorable. A good brand will translate across multiple platforms, from business card to desktop to billboard.

Your branding strategy and company’s identity should represent the ethos and values of your company. By providing a clear story about your business and the services it provides, you create trust. This is the foundation of what branding is all about; a well branded company sends a strong image to the community.

It can be difficult for brands to stand out in a competitive digital landscape. Eighty8Design is focussed on creating innovative and impactful designs that get the attention of your target audience. Image is everything in business and we design with that in mind.

content is king

Content marketing is the strategic creation of material, from words to videos, for the purpose of driving profitable customer actions.  Professional content writing is not about high pressure sales tactics, but instead focuses on providing high quality, relevant and targeted information that leads customers to an action.

By making information on your webpage valuable and engaging you show visitors that your business is aware of their needs; by providing a clear path to action you show your visitors you have researched the soltion and are prepared for their needs.

With professional content marketing, by the time your clients contact you they should already be convinced they want to work with you. Content optimisation can turn your website into a powerful lead generating machine.

FACEbook for business page

Facebook now has nearly 1.4 billion active users generating over 4 billion “likes” per day, and 13 million of those people are right here in Australia.

The truth is Facebook isn’t just for socializing anymore; it’s also for growing your business. If you’re not already using Facebook to your advantage, chances are you’re losing countless opportunities to the competition.

Let us show you how to make the most of promoting your business on Facebook for free. Or take it to the next step and target your ideal customer with an ad campaign.

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