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Handy tips for your new website.

Best Free Webpage Design Tools 2017

Free tools for webpage design Free stock photos and images Searching for images in Google is okay but it's not very targeted and there are a lot of paid images (Shutterstock and the like) that Google won't let you filter out. For beautiful free high-resolution stock...

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What is Pay Per Click?

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)? Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an online marketing tool that uses targeted information to direct traffic to your website. PPC advertisers bid in targeted user segments for for carefully selected keywords and phrases. Search engines...

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Design Seeds Colour Palettes

A colour palette is an important part of any website design. Colours have meaning and an ability to communicate emotion. A poor colour selection for your business can confuse your audience and detract from the written content. The proper use of a colour palette in a...

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Have You Googled Your Business?

Are you trying to get your new online business to show up in Google.... have you registered with Google My Business? Well if not, you're potentially missing out on customers for your business. Google is the new Yellow Pages and the days of poor Jan getting shouted at...

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Should you use Local Business Listings?

Local business listing can be a good way for new businesses to gain exposure to people looking for services in their area. Many local listing sites offer a free listing service, and these can be good opportunities to promote your new business and website. However, not...

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Selecting the perfect Font for your Website

 Selecting a unique font theme for your website is an easy way to stand out, mainly because it too often gets overlooked. Fonts are an important design element to help information communicate tone and character. Font pairs can compliment or contrast depending on the...

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Free Stock Photography

Websites are increasingly visually rich places. The old adage ‘an image is worth 1000 words’ is as relevant today as the day it was written. Your website will benefit from some carefully selected images and photos to help communicate your business’s message and...

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